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Striving to provide constant communication, impeccable accuracy, and fast turn around times.

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SAS Data Retrieval has been built with the client in mind. We know that in the background check industry, communication is an absolute necessity. On a daily basis, our clients may need information on the status of one specific report, need information on working with our software platform, or may simply need to update their own clients immediately. This is why we set a personal goal to reply to all emails, phone calls, and faxes by responding the same day they were sent. If we don't have the answer you need we will, at the very least, respond to let you know we are working on it.

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Turn Around Time

At SAS Data Retrieval, we know that by the time we receive your order, your client is already requesting the completed report. That is why we have partnered with Digital Delve, a software platform integration provider. With state of the art software, SAS Data Retrieval clients and researchers can utilize the same program to send, receive, track orders, and even outsource to other partnering vendors if needed. Choose SAS Data Retrieval and feel confident that your orders are being processed with the fastest possible turn around time.

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Our Default prices are per name, per county, 10 year search scope, with a 10% Hit rate, and up to 10 cases. No extra charge for searches outside of the 10 year scope. If cases are found outside of the 10 year scope, or more than 10 cases are found in scope, additional fees may apply. If search requests are outside of the Default Search range, please let us know exactly what you require so we can accommodate your needs. Prescreened rates are available.

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Accurate reporting provides end users with valuable data, which may ultimately be used to make life altering decisions. When data is retrieved from county courthouses, the records are redundantly prescreened before being sent to our clients, ensuring accurate delivery. Accurate reporting is what SAS Data Retrieval clients demand, and it is what SAS Data Retrieval is determined to produce.

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Predominantly Used Index (PUI)

At a minimum, researchers at SAS Data Retrieval use the Predominantly Used Index (PUI) in each county we service. Every court offered in our Research Areas listing has been vetted for absolute certainty in what they consider to be their PUI, the location of all their storage facilities, and a thorough understanding of their record keeping processes. This produces accurate, up-to-date, and reproducible results.

Services Offered

County Criminal

County Civil

Statewide Criminal

Federal Criminal

Updating As A Service (UAAS)


SAS Data Retrieval has partnered with which allows us to work with many different platform providers.