County Criminal

County Criminal research includes Felony, Misdemeanor, and Criminal Traffic such as DUI or Reckless Driving. Non-criminal Traffic Infractions and Ordinance Violations are available upon request. Reportable cases will provide a standard 10 year search scope, all available personal identifiers, level of offense, case number, file date, disposition and disposition date, sentencing, and post-sentencing information if applicable such as a violation of probation, or warrant issued. Extended search scopes searching as far back as the subject’s 18th birthday are available in most counties. Some cases may be unreportable due to the nature of the case, or when a case has been expunged or sealed. SAS Data Retrieval will only report accurate, up to date public information, retrieved directly from each county court and will never use online databases which may report outdated information, or worse, report a case that has been expunged or sealed.

     County Civil

Civil cases are seen at either the Circuit Court level, (also know as upper courts), or the County Court level (also known as lower courts). The level of each Civil case is decided by the monetary amount of the case. Typically cases under $15,000 are seen at the County Level, and cases above that amount are seenat the Circuit level. Civil searches will provide a standard 10 year search, and will return all available personal identifiers, case number, a summary of the complaint and final order.

     Statewide Criminal

Statewide searches return Felony and Misdemeanor case information using only tested and approved state agency indices that are up to date and connected to all available county courthouses within each state. The Statewide Search option is a good way to gain a broad scope view of a subject’s criminal history, however it is important to note that not all counties in every state are accurately updated on each participating statewide index. The most accurate searches will always be conducted at the county level.

     Federal Criminal

Including a Federal Criminal background check is an important part of an effective preemployment, or tenant screening policy. Although a thorough County Criminal search will provide criminal history in specific selected counties, an individual may have committed a crime that was seen at the Federal level, which would not show up in a county criminal search. This is because the Federal Government, and State Governments are separate and do not share the same legal system. Federal crimes may include aircraft hijacking, kidnapping, identity theft, or even tax evasion.

     Updating as a Service

Updating as a Service (UAAS) was created to aid court record researchers who spend many hours during the day searching physical courthouse records, and then spend many more hours at night updating those records in their clients’ databases. UAAS provides a very low cost solution that allows researchers to complete their research in the courthouse, then scan and send their completed reports to SAS’s highly trained in-house team who will update the records into their clients’ databases. This allows the researcher to take back more of their time, improve their TAT making them more competitive, and provide a better all round service to their clients and ultimately the end user.


SAS offers their compliance department to those who may have a few compliance questions, or to those who may have a larger project and would like the assistance of a temporary compliance department to aid in the creation and implementation of their project. All relationships with the SAS compliance department are private and confidential between the client, and the compliance agent. For additional details, call now.

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